Connecting with Horses

Equine guided Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being

Why Horses?

The most common question people ask is.... How can Horses help Humans with personal and professional development?

1. Horses have a physiological influence on their environment.

When people interact with Horses, they settle into a state of peaceful awareness. Their heart rate slows, muscular tension and stiffness dissolve and their senses become more enlivened. Cortisol levels drop and there is an increase in "good hormones " that support health and Well-Being. In this state of calm and peacefulness, people are better able to have little realizations about situations and events they're experiencing in their life.

"Horses invoke presence in us and cause us to listen with more than just our ears. They unlock our own subtle awareness." L. McTaggart

2. Understanding the dynamic between Predator and Prey.

Horses are prey animals; therefore they are perceptive and empathetic beings that can sense the subtle changes in the energy of other animals as well as humans. Through one-on-one activities with horses, people can learn how to sense the influence they have on others around them, strengthen relationships, and improve self-awareness.

"Horses help us remember our true value . . . they awaken our senses and hone our relational skills and help us see the power of intention and relationship." L. Waters

3. Learning to be our Authentic Selves.

Sometimes our outward facade does not reflect how we are truly feeling. We “put on a happy face” when that is really not the case. In some cases, we are not even aware that we are doing this because we have become so practiced at shoving our emotions down inside ourselves. Horses help us to recognize that what we are really feeling and what we project to others is not always the same thing. Connecting with horses allows individuals to drop their facades and be who they really are. This is the power of working with horses.

4. Focusing in the NOW

Unlike other people, horses do not have hidden agendas and are non-judgmental. They do not worry about the future or regret the past. They are focused in the now. Connecting with horses teaches us to be present in every moment and to enjoy life.