Connecting with Horses

Equine guided Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being


"There was a lot of soul searching and emotional release that I wasn't expecting; but it was crucial for my personal growth - an awesome course."

K. Morgadinho - Milton, ON

" Victoria has an almost uncanny way of knowing the exact words to communicate in all situations with all participants to help them grow, connect and learn." A. Hill, Peterborough, ON

"The natural world, as demonstrated through equine behaviour, can teach us to honour and respect our own communications and boundaries. So much of our interactions with other humans is mitigated by layers of baggage. The horses teach us to let those layers fall away and just be."

R. Banerjee- London, ON

"This course has been a real eye-opener. It has showed me areas that could be improved both in my personal life and my practice. I look forward to fine-tuning my energy and using it positively in my daily life."

S. Coultis - Toronto, ON

"Hi Victoria,

Thank you very much for guiding us with the horses this morning! It was truly an insightful and magical experience with the horses. Tiffany can't stop talking about the experience. You have a real gift for this, especially the way you explain everything about the horses and their ability to perceive things. "

Sean & Tiffany - Vaughan, ON

"Victoria is personable, professional and a naturally intuitive healer & teacher. She has brought so much substance and significance to my life by way of her insight, ability & deep spiritual connection. She helps provide her clients with feelings of empathy, clarity and understanding which translate into a deep sense of accomplishment for them. Her "genuine gift" has made a huge impact on my life. She continues to inspire, encourage and challenge me to seek out & apply new insights & spiritual growth to my daily life, while injecting her keen sense of humour and joy into the process. " C. Leder Toronto, ON

"This is a day I will remember with such love and joy. I cried and laughed, overcome by the tenderness of the horses and the humans. What a joyous, cherished and life-enhancing experience for me! With gratitude for all your efforts." Isabella - Ontario, Canada

"The experience breathed clarity into my future. I am feeling most grateful to Redman for selecting me, enlightening me and educating me today." Michelle - Ontario, Canada

"Self-Awareness is such a powerful gift. Working with these wonderful horses, you first and foremost gain Self-Awareness." L. Chiotti - Ontario, Canada

"To put into words the gratitude I have for Victoria and Hedwig is impossible. In one fell swoop, I felt safe and free at the same time!! Thank you again for the experience and renewed faith in myself." G. Lambert - Ontario, Canada